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Possibly obsessed with the show pretty little liars and its flawless cast. Troian Bellisario is the queen of everything and Lucy Hale is my little sunshine. I am 99% sure that shipping ezria will be my cause of death.

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pretty little liars as pitch perfect 

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The cast of PLL doing the ice bucket challenge (part 1): Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Keegan Allen, Ian Harding, Sasha Pieterse.

Four quotes per character |Ella Montgomery

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Pigtunia is A



Guys, it’s so simple and it’s been in front of us the whole time. Pigtunia is A! She hates all the girls because they took Aria away from her. That’s why Aria is hurt the least, Pigtunia loves Aria. Why would she hurt her master? Aria has no idea of course, Pigtunia…

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If Mona dies in the finale that’s going to suck and if they try to justify it by giving us character development for her in the episode and showing us her house and her mom it doesn’t matter because to me Mona will always be one of the most important characters on this show and will NEVER be done being developed as a character just like the girls and she should live until the very end because I am not done seeing her grow as a person

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Fooling around at prom!!! Too bad I’m all alone and being goofy by myself

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