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Possibly obsessed with the show pretty little liars and its flawless cast. Troian Bellisario is the queen of everything and Lucy Hale is my little sunshine. I am 99% sure that shipping ezria will be my cause of death.

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Ashley Benson + Photoshoots

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Falling is scary but good practice for life. We must fall. In love. Out of love. Into new experiences. Out of old habits. Deeper and further into ourselves. We must fall, life is falling over forward. The only choice we have is how we let go. —Troian Bellisario (via d0-ya-thing)

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Ian Harding, Torrey DeVitto and Brant Daughterty // Road To Hope Charity Event [April 14]

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Shay, Lucy, Troian and Ashley || live table read at  Ziegfeld Theatre [March 18]

“I’m so excited to work with American Rag at Macy’s on their All Access campaign. Looking forward to kicking it off in a few weeks by sharing posts, photos, and of course, music!” - Lucy Hale

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itsashbenzo: Always protecting me @shaym

I have always said that my goal in this industry is to have a versatile
career. I really want to be able to do the films that spark my interest.

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